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Posted on by Brian

I Went To A Chinese Massage Parlor In Westlands This Past Weekend And These Are The Astonishingly Erotic Services I Was Offered

DISCLAIMER: Explicit Content

This past Saturday, I go to watch a movie at Sarit Centre with Yvonne, one of FWBs who lives in Westlands. Our plans after watching the movie include watching the Chelsea game then her giving me a BJ because she has told me ananyesha. Unfortunately her mum summons her home because some visitors have showed up unexpectedly so she has to leave. I escort her to her gate then kiss her before going back.

As I am admiring the mansions in the Westy neighborhoods on my way back, I see a signpost written Asian Massage an Spa. As always, my curiosity usually gets the better of me so I decide to check it out. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good experience and good experiences always lead to good stories

I wear my sunglasses then walk into the parlor, looking like a character from the movie ‘Godfather 2’.

"Hello?" I am greeted by a pretty Asian mamii upon entering. Her greeting sounds more like "Hay-ro" than hello but it’s cool. English is for the chosen few

"How much do you charge for a massage?., I inquire"

"Twenty dolla fo hour massage" she responds with a smile that parades all of her teeth. It takes me a few seconds to realize she said twenty dollars.

“Oh, that’s two thousand shillings right?”

“Yes….yes. two thousand shilling. I book you one?” she asks

I nod my head in approval then she directs me to the cashier, who happens to be an African chic, a Linda Nyangweso look-alike probably in her late twenties. .

She takes the money and disappears around the corner. A short while later, she appears and tells me to follow her. I follow her down a long hallway to the last door on the left. She grabs what appears to be a new clean white robe and hands it to me.

“Take off your clothes off and put on the robe. Somebody will be right with you shortly": she says before closing the door and leaving.

I wear the robe then I sit on the massage table and wait.

Half a minute later, there is a knock at the door.

"Can I come in?" a female voice asks, to which i reply "Yes".

The door opens and in walks one of the prettiest Asian women I have ever seen. She is about 5'7, slender, has a long thick straight black hair halfway down her back, and nice ample breasts. She is wearing black shorts and a black tank top that is form fitting. It accentuates her breasts and showcases her flat tummy. .

"You ready for a shower sir?"


She takes my hand like a mother would take her son's hand and orders me to follow her

She pulls me out of the room with the massage table and takes me by the hand as we walk down the hall to a huge shower room.. There is a table and a stool in the room and on the table sat a variety of shampoos and soaps.

I thought she would leave and let me shower but to my shock, she starts taking the robe off me.

“Relax, sir, I am at your service.” Her English is much better than the lady at the reception.

After hanging up the robe she turns on the shower head and sprays jets of steamy water on me

She then puts some shampoo in her palms while standing behind me and proceeds to lather up my hair.

This is awesome. When I woke up in the morning, it never crossed my mind that I would be getting bathed by an Asian woman.

After she massages my scalp for a minute she sprays off all the shampoo and starts lathering my back. I am grateful she is behind me and cannot see how my manhood is slowly becoming rock hard. It is quivering, it is tormented with desire.

The last woman to wash my back thoroughly like that was my mum. And that was when I was small enough to fit in a basin.

After, she is done cleaning my back she takes the hand held water sprayer and washes all the soap off of me. Then the moment of truth arrives.

"Turn around" she says to me. Without hesitation, I turn around. She does not look down. She is definitely used to seeing erect men I guess. She begins to scrub me again and works her way down my chest but when she gets near my waist line she stops. Her fingers dance right in front of my private parts without touching them. .

She walks over to the other side of the shower, grabs the stool then sits down on it facing me. I am getting nervous so I decide to break the tension with a conversion. "What's your name?" I ask her.

"Chan." She responds cordially

"I'm Philip."

Chan just smiles and then resumes her washing of my belly and then my waist, all the time acting normal as if my ‘D” weren't right out in the open. 30 seconds later, she puts some more liquid soap in her hands then begins washing my genitals like it was strictly business. After that, she proceeds to wash my legs before finishing up. My manhood is now swinging proudly in the breeze

Chan then gets a towel off one of the hooks and dries me off like I am a toddler incapable of cleaning myself. She again touches my ‘D’ through the towel and wipes it. She encircles my sexual parts and caresses them. After making sure I was dry, she puts the robe back on my body and takes me by the hand, leading me back to the main massage room

"OK you lie on stomach I be right back" Chan says as she takes the robe off me and tosses it in a bucket.

I do as I am told.

After lying patiently for a few minutes Chan returns and dims the lights, before playing some cheesy stereotypical although soothing classical music on a little CD player that is in the corner of the room.

Chan starts with my shoulders and back.. I feel warm oil being poured all over my body very liberally. After doing a thorough job on those parts, she moves to the other end of the table and massages my feet. She slowly works her way to my calves spending a few minutes on each and then finally works her way to the back of my thighs.

Chan is turning me on so much that I almost ask her if they offer a happy ending. I am not really the type of guy to pay for sex but I am going crazy over here.

"OK you turn over now" Chan whispers. I hesitate for a second but then oblige. I turn over. My ‘D’ is now in the air, pointing to the ceiling like a compass.. Again she ignores it and proceeds to massage my chest. She slowly starts going down my chest to my belly while standing over me and behind me. As she gets lower she has to bend over more. By the time she gets to my waist her tits are pushing into my face and it is at that point that I know this is not a normal massage anymore. My ‘D’ is throbbing. She sees it but she makes no acknowledgment of it.

Chan remains professional. She moves to the other end of the table and starts applying more oil to my legs. She moves slowly from feet to thighs,. Excitement is surging in me.

Her fingers land on my crotch.. She pours oil directly on it and simply uses the palms of her hands to make circular motions around the tops of my thighs and the insides with the outside of her hand brushing my balls and occasionally touching my ‘D’

Suddenly she puts her hand right around my ‘D’ and I let out a sigh, "Ohhhhh", albeit a very quiet one. My body is going to be blown to dust, atoms with this teasing. If she stops, ‘id cry. Cry and beg. Every muscle is drawn taut.

It is then that we make clean eye contact. Sh*t has got real. I am lying naked on a massage table and a hot Chinese woman now has my ‘D in her hand.

“I can take care of your thing here if you give me a tip. This is off the books. It will just be between us.” She pitches.

“How much do you want?” I ask her

Chan doesn’t answer. When she sees that I am dissolved in pleasure, she stops what she’s doing and very calmly removes her tank top and bra. Perhaps she knows that if she deprives me pleasure now, I might make another gesture towards fulfillment.

She now stands in front of me completely topless. I have never seen better tits or been more turned on in my life. The strength of what is building inside me is staggering.

She grabs my right hand and pulls it to her breast. I take it without hesitation and start kneading it and then playing with her nipple. My hands rub around a sweet spot and her eyes roll back to her head. At the same time she grabs my ‘D’ again and starts stroking while using her other hand to caress my balls. Two fingers press them, a little uncomfortable but nothing I can’t handle.

“Just ten dollars” she finally issues feedback

That’s 1000 bob. Should I take her up on her offer or not?

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